Who should pay for knowledge exchange?

Economic theories of the market and public goods in the evaluation and method for HEIF. We evaluated our funding for knowledge exchange (KE) through the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) in 2015 based on two studies. PACEC consultants and Tomas Coates-Ulrichsen of Cambridge University adopted qualitative and quantitative approaches respectively, to give a rounded view of […]

Understanding why some patents get licensed…while others do not

Technology licensing is an activity where the owner of a patent (the licensor) allows another party (the licensee) the rights to use, adapt and commercialize that patent in exchange for compensation. It is undoubtedly a growing and increasingly important innovation activity with reports that annual global revenues for technology licensing exceed $200 billion (Alvarex and […]

5 Tactics to Improve Your Technology Scouting

Identifying cutting-edge technology is simply the first step of technology scouting. The key to effective tech scouting is to capture the right opportunity at the right time. We assembled a list of five tactics to help you streamline your process. 1. Discover the Unknown While an abundance of new start-ups and patents has made scouting […]

5 Tips For Finding the Right Industry Partner

We know you don’t need convincing about the benefits of industry collaboration, so it’s less a question of if, and rather more about how to find the right partner and negotiate a good deal. In terms of teeing things up and starting the dialogue, here are five important things to do that can help you […]

Some observations of a peripatetic tech transfer agent

Coming through Border Control, as I did recently when I moved from Australia to start work at Cambridge Enterprise, usually means having to explain tech transfer. ‘Technology Transfer Associate?’ the border agent will typically ask, scanning my landing card. ‘What do you actually do?’ and ‘Does such a job actually exist?’ It sure does. And […]

Six Myths About Venture Capitalists

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin: We celebrate these entrepreneurs for their successes, and often equally extol the venture capitalists who backed their start-ups and share in their glory. Well-known VC firms such as Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia have cultivated a branded mystique around their ability to find and finance the most successful young companies. […]

Is Crowdfunding a Good Option for Your Research?

Picture this… It’s 8am. You take your first sip of coffee, ready to start your day. You check your email and… You find out your latest grant application didn’t get funded. Bummer. You give it a couple of days to get over the feeling of rejection, and then start working on your next application. Rinse […]

The Value of Open Innovation

“Open innovation asserts that a company or organization should make greater use of external ideas in its business and allow its own ideas to go out beyond its own boundaries to others to use in their businesses” – Dr. Henry Chesbrough. The concept of open innovation has been highly popular after the decade of its […]

Crowdfunding Science

What is crowdfunding and why is it so popular for the last few years? By definition, it is a practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Which is to say, it helps many companies and individual entrepreneurs to […]