1 June 2017

11:00 - 12:30 First Parallel Session

Track I – Strengthening the Core
From Metrics to Media Houses

  11:00 - 12:30
  Room: Mercure

Moderator: Nedeljko Milosavljevic, Director, Center for Technology Transfer, University of Belgrade, Serbia | Vice-President, Board, ASTP-Proton

Speaker 1: Claudia Tapia, Director IPR Policy, Ericsson, Germany; Chair of the 4IP Council
Speaker 2: Daniel Ras-Vidal, General Manager, FIN (Norwegian Association of Innovation Enterprises) and Senior Innovation Advisor, Abelia, Norway

All TTOs need to keep stakeholders up-to-date with their progress. Metrics are important and illustrative of tangible contributions, but they often fail to impact on the external world. We are currently living in an era where social media and storytelling are key communication assets. The reward for investment in communications can be significant but you first need to have the skills. For example, the 4IP Council has approached this challenge by raising awareness of the role of IPR innovation and social and economic welfare.