Track I – Strengthening the Core
Track I – Strengthening the Core

2 June 2017

13:30 - 15:00 Fourth Parallel Session

Track I – Strengthening the Core
Social Innovation – The Exploration

  13:30 - 15:00
  Room: Mercure

Moderator: Christoph Köller, Managing Partner, Görgen & Köller, Germany

Speaker 1: Georg Russegger, Project Director SSHA, Center for Knowledge Transfer (East), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria
Speaker 2: Nadja Spitzer, Senior Strategy Consultant, IBM, United Kingdom

Knowledge from Social Sciences Arts and Humanities research (SSHA) may be used in many different ways: it may support the adoption of new technologies, it may be integrated in technical innovations (e.g. in a software) but it may also drive changes in social practices. The latter is often called social innovation, now a hot innovation topic, globally. Social innovation and knowledge exchange from SSHA often go hand in hand. This session will explore what social innovation is about and how it is related to knowledge exchange, using examples to highlight its relevance in the Technology Transfer Office setting.