Track III – Enriching the Ecosystem
Track III – Enriching the Ecosystem

1 June 2017

15:30 - 17:00 Second Parallel Session

Track III – Enriching the Ecosystem
Fireside Chat: Accessing the Treasure Chest How Can European SMEs Jump In?

  15:30 - 17:00
  Room: Panorama

Moderator and session sponsor: Christopher Römer, Co-founder & CEO, inventtory.com, United Kingdom

Speaker 1: Lutz Maicher, Head of Unit, Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy (MOEZ), Germany
Speaker 2: Berend Oosterhuis, COO, SOLVO Biotechnology, Hungary

Intellectual Property (IP) is a major intangible asset carried on institutional balance sheets. Spurred by $160B in public research in OECD-countries, many institutions seek to monetise this asset through licensing and other third- party transactions intended to insure commercialisation. But successfully marketing and monetising this asset is an increasing challenge. In Europe alone, a pool of 380,000 sleeping patents are on the books of public and private entities, while 22 million European SMEs are virtually excluded from accessing protected inventions. This inventtory sponsored IP Exchange, “Fireside Chat” will explore new options for valorising non-performing IP assets, thus allowing TTOs and SMEs to profit from each other’s situation and to transact innovation where before it was mostly written-off as a major loss to the public.