Bo StenhuusBo Stenhuus

Bo Stenhuus has been with the Tech Trans Office of UCPH since December 2012. He is a European Patent Attorney with a background in private practise. Bo has PhD from the Technical University of Denmark and a CBA from IDA Academy.

Prior to joining UCPH he has been in the management of Fluxome A/S, a biotechnology company making ingredients for the dietary supplement industry. Bo headed the first approval in Europe for a health ingredient produced by the aid of GMO organisms and the technology transfer from lab-scale to industrial production. Fluxome had several research collaborations with public institutions and was regularly in contact with Technology Transfer Units from various universities.

Bo Stenhuus has been a part of the Danish Astronaut Selection programme and was from 2006 to 2008 nominated as official candidate for the European Space Programme.

In the service of UCPH Bo has facilitated more than 10 spin outs from the University where the spin outs in total have raised more than 4 MIO EUR in their first rounds of financing.