Francois Drapeau-Paquin

François Drapeau-Paquin

Since 2011, François he has been a Senior Intellectual Property Counsel within the intellectual property division of Royal Philips N.V. – Philips Intellectual Property & Standards. He is also leading Philips’ scouting and acquisition activities for enriching Philips’ intellectual property portfolio, through acquisition or licensing-in of intellectual property rights, including the valuation thereof.

As a qualified European Patent Attorney, he manages different patent portfolios for a number of businesses within Philips. An important aspect of François’ role is the negotiation and the crafting of intellectual property related terms and conditions applicable to a number of relationships between Philips, and public and private institutions. From contract research to publicly funded research, passing by equipment evaluation/testing, joint development, licensing in/out and mergers and acquisitions, François has dealt with intellectual property terms within a plurality of agreements that a healthcare company such as Philips may enter into.