nacer boubenna 2Nacer Boubenna

Nacer is the chief of staff of Inserm Transfert’s CEO since November last year. His role is to work closely with the CEO and the management team to ensure the implementation and the follow up of the company’s objectives and strategic decisions.
Before this position Nacer has spent 5.5 years at Inserm’s headquarters as the French National contact point for H2020 Health challenge (and FP7 before). This role has permitted to take responsibilities at the operational and political level within Inserm and more globally in the broad French landscape of life sciences and health. During this period, Nacer was a French representative at the European Commission Health program committee.
Nacer has also an experience as a clinical trials coordinator at the Cochin Hospital in Paris, insuring the interface between industrials and public labs, in the field of vaccinology and infectious diseases.

Nacer has graduated from the University of Marseille with a PhD in Immunology and has undertaken research on autoimmunity and innate immunity as a junior scientist at the Garvan Institute for Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, and the Center for Immunology of Marseille Luminy (CIML), France.

e-mail : nacer.boubenna@inserm-transfert.fr
website : www.inserm-transfert.fr