Ole Rognaldsen

Tor Ole Rognaldsen

Head of Venture, BTO, Norway. Prior to joining BTO, Rognaldsen worked for several financial institutions, including banking, equity and bond sales, and was an early member of the team building the world’s first derivatives exchange for seafood forwards, futures and options, Fish Pool ASA (hedging the future price of salmon). During the years at Fish Pool he also taught “Resource management, derivatives, and hedging strategies” at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Furthermore, Rognaldsen also spent three years scaling up the first specialized European private equity fund for film and computer game investments. Following this, he worked (for a shorter period) for a Hollywood based film production consortium with branches in LA, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Rognaldsen, being an only child, specialized in getting his way through negotiations by behaving badly, and has since refined these skills from early days. His education at the University of Bergen took on a more theoretical approach to this in his MSc thesis, where he focused his work on negotiation strategies and behavioral game theory, his favorite being the “Ultimatum game”.