Viola GauciViola Gauci

Viola leads technical collaboration at X, the team in Alphabet behind self-driving cars, self-flying delivery vehicles, energy kites and balloon-powered internet. X’s mission is to invent and launch moonshot technologies that it hopes could someday make the world a radically better place; while most X projects are conceived and developed in-house, it has a long history of working with others who are also passionate about solving large problems with technology. Viola’s role as a program lead is to discover and explore potential collaborations with research teams, start-ups and individuals to jointly develop moonshot projects and positively impact millions around the world.

Prior to X, Viola ran business strategy projects in Google’s ads and commerce business where she launched programs to improve the profitability of small businesses through the internet in over 40 countries.

Viola grew up on the small island nation of Malta, but had big ambitions to travel and experience different cultures and ways of life. Before moving to San Francisco, Viola completed her Bachelor and Master studies in Portugal, Brazil and Malta, and worked in the private and non-profit sectors in Poland and India. A language and culture geek, Viola speaks 4½ languages fluently and is determined to hold a decent conversation in Arabic by 2018.