Wim BensWim Bens

Wim Bens is the founder of  the interim management and consultancy firm Bens & Partners.

He is currently functioning on a part time basis, fulfilling the role of CEO of UM Holding. The Maastricht University Holding holds all strategic investments, joint ventures and participations of UM, including the four Brightlands campuses.

In addition, he is the National Coordinator and Program Manager of the Dutch Center of Expertise Logistics and six knowledge distribution centers, a collaboration of Polytechnic Universities in Logistics and the Sector Organizations, supported by the national Top-team Logistics.

He holds several positions as trainer, moderator, program chairman and guest speaker and as coach and advisor of the management / board of industrial companies and small startups. Wim’s specializations are in the field of Open Innovation, (New) Business Development, Commercial Strategy & Account Management, Knowledge Valorization and Setting up New Businesses.

E: info@bensenpartners.nl
W: www.bensenpartners.nl